why the weird pictures of us?

jenny and i are trying to minimize the effect that some actors, artists, businessmen, politicians, and more types of what our culture deems as prominent or important individuals have on way too many people, including myself. the most commonly used word to describe this phenomenon is “star-struck.” we don’t ever want to walk into a room and have people modify their behavior just because we’re artists. i would say that the root of this problem is the fear of man(proverbs 29:25 reads “the fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe).

we wrote a song about this topic; the chorus reads “so lay down the long red carpet; wash off the dirt from your hands; they say, ‘now they’ll soon arriving’; you’d better be watching; you’d better be waiting; you’d better be smiling; you want the top rating in their eyes.”

therefore, at this point, instead of having pictures of ourselves that depict us in some deep contemplation, depressed state, sexy pose, game of intimidation, or other, we’re taking a sort of ridiculous approach, which we hope is comedic. we like a lot of dave barnes‘ pictures, shot by jeremy cowart.

here is one.dave barnes is pregnant


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