Introverts, Relationships, and Lyrical Content

This afternoon a friend of mine and I had a nice chat about being musicians and being introverted at the same time. I think that a lot of people assume that individuals who enjoy performing their own music for crowds are automatically extremely extroverted, confident, and at ease in large groups of people. I’ve discovered that the opposite is usually true. At least it is for me, my friend, and dare I say, Tyler?
I know, those of you who know Tyler are thinking, isn’t he the most personable, friendly, honest person ever? Of course, but truth be told having been in a relationship with him for 3 years and now living with him, Tyler is most satisfied when he finds himself in one of those quiet moments with a guitar, pencil, notebook, and Bible in hand.
The same is true for me. We’ve had some rainy weather recently, and on those dreary days I love to curl up with tea and a good book. I’ve been learning a lot recently that while being thoughtful and quiet is good, it isn’t always best. It’s important to be intentional with people. Yesterday I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in nearly a month and just chatting with her for a couple minutes really seemed to feed my soul. That may sound strange, but those of you who have good friends know what I’m talking about. This friend and I are getting coffee tomorrow.
In other news, I’m really excited about the CD release show! Finally a chance to play original material to a captive audience where we can really highlight the lyrical content of our music. Many times after shows people approach Tyler and I and mention how much they loved our harmonies, Ty’s guitar, etc. My hope is that you’ll be encouraged by the lyrics of our songs at this concert. It’s the message that matters most.
Can’t wait to see some of you soon….

This is a picture of Ty and I at the BSM hayride this past Tuesday. Tyler was an obnoxious, uneducated evangelist and I was Tyler as a Starbucks employee. I know…totally lame. hayride fun.


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