Good morning…

Last night Tyler and I went with two of our friends up to Philly to see Phil Wickham, the Myriad, and David Crowder Band (see post below for my pre-concert excitedness). The show was really quite good. In the words of Greg, “The Myriad was a little gimmicky.” A guy was playing the electric guitar with a cello bow or something which was quite different, but his guitar wasn’t turned up loud enough so you couldn’t really hear the effect. They had a marching band bass drum on the stage which at one point the keyboard player came over and wailed on with enormous mallets, and the drummer played the toms with what looked like timpani mallets all night. It was slightly ridiculous. At the same time, their music sounded great. I really enjoyed the lyrics, and the lead singer had a phenomenal voice. Definitely a band to look out for.

As for Phil, his vocals amazed me as always and he gave his set a very worshipful feel, incorporating old hymns and praise choruses throughout his original songs. It was great.

And David Crowder, well, it’s David Crowder. You really can’t go wrong. It was really awesome to see so many young people at the show going crazy and praising God with him. Sometimes at concerts it worries me that people might be worshipping the band instead of God. I can’t really know that for sure, I can’t see people’s hearts, but sometimes I find myself doing it and I wonder about everyone else. Last night though with David Crowder, it really felt like people were engaged in worshipping God.
It was a refreshing end to a very busy school week.

We took a video from the concert that we’ll probably be posting soon (Tyler has to come show me how to do all of that stuff…I’m not very computer savvy.) but until then I’ll be reading for class and hopefully sqeezing some time in for music.

have a lovely day or two,


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