The CD has arrived!

Yay! (As my almost 3 years nephew would spontaneously and genuinly exclaim when excited about something)

We are very excited! The CDs came yesterday!
Pictures will be added on the website so y’all (I’m not southern and I’m kind of joking) can check it out. My sister did most of the artwork and our good friends Emily and Matt Troutman did most of the pictures and layout. You’ll probably see it soon.

All this to say, I found myself yesterday getting a bit too excited about them, so I tried to humble myself and remember that this whole project did not happen because of me, that I do not deserve any acclamation, applause, or recognition at all. It may sound cliche and apparently but not actually selfless, but God does, really does. My heart, though it often goes astray, ultimately wants God to be more famous because of this CD and our music.

On a similar note, I realized that at points in time, the CD project became more important than God, Jenny, and other relationships. Pathetic I know. May that not happen again.

I plan on posting more about the music behind the CD and how it came together. It is quite amazing that in little Newark, DE, so many talented people not only reside but are willing to lend their time, ears, gifts, fingers and creativity.

Peace to you all – whoever you are,



Here’s the CD release event flyer…


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