the cd release date is so soon!

I just got back from a lovely little rehearsal with the DELTONES!!! ( Who are the Deltones? Well, only the best a’cappella group here at the University of Delaware, and some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. I was in the Deltones for 3 years (I had to quit this semester…I got married, I have to graduate…there’s a lot on my plate) and have convinced them to come sing at the CD release show! They’re going to add some awesome choral parts to “Love’s Going to Last,” and I’m really excited about it!
So if you weren’t pumped about the release concert…get pumped now! 🙂

Back to school work…seriously only 2 weeks and I graduate! Can’t wait!



One response

  1. I think the Deltones were more excited about the “jenny” part of rehearsal than running the concert! I can’t stop listening to the album, Flounder and I have been practicing the harmonies and I believe the Deltones have already memorized most of the lyrics. It was a spectacular evening. Congratulations on so much.
    jess 🙂
    ps. I’m picking up some more CDs for family!

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