it’s been a while – post dos

Just so you know.  I, Tyler, sort of like that song “It’s been a while” by Stained.

Jenny and I differ on some things.  That is one 🙂



it’s been a while…

Do you remember that song by Staind from about 5 or 6 years ago (the title being the same as that of this post)? Karen (that’s my sister) I know you do. It was a hit during band camp my sophomore year of high school. Yes, I was a band nerd in high school, and I’m quite proud of it. What an annoying song.

I am officially finished with college! My grades are up, I’m happy, and all of my assigned reading and writing has ended. What a relief. I took a nap after church on Sunday and was able to rest peacefully without the thought of unfinished papers clouding my mind. It feels good to be a college grad.

The past week I’ve spent my days working, finishing my Christmas shopping, and seeing friends before they leave to spend Christmas with their families. The CD is still selling, which we’re definitely happy about, and we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from people who attended the concert or are enjoying the cd now. Your words of encouragement are much appreciated!

Now I’m off to buy some ingredients for Christmas cookies/cinnamon rolls. This will be my first Christmas away from my family, and Tyler and my first Christmas together. It’s a bittersweet feeling. I’m excited to do some of the baking myself!

I’ll update more about the music soon. For now we’ll probably be playing a few open mics here and there. We’ll keep you posted.


On Cloud 9

The show last night was incredible. Thank you so much for everyone who came out, and to those who couldn’t we really appreciate your prayers and support. I couldn’t have imagined a better CD release. If you weren’t there, here are some highlights:

1. Grace Chou & the Ugly Sweater Vest Band rocked. Seriously. When I figure out if Grace has any music posted on the internet I’ll put up a link. She was incredible.

2. Apprx. 400 people came. I was expecting like 20 college students to show up…and instead the church was packed with people of all ages! It’s so encouraging to have people come and enjoy the music and have the words speak to them. Tyler and I love playing. And it’s a blessing to know that other people can appreciate that.

3.The Deltones ( did an excellent a’cappella chorus to Love’s Going to Last.

4. My grandma mailed cookies from FL for the cookie/punch reception (which was fantastic by the way…thanks to Dorothy, Ty’s mom, my mom, Erin, Lexi, Greg, Jessi)

5. My grandparents drove down from Jamestown, NY just for the concert.

6. Called Beauty was the best it’s ever sounded.

7. Our sound guys (Steve, Sam, & Brian) were amazing. They were there from 1pm-10:30pm tearing down and we didn’t pay them a dime. Thank you guys so much!

8. My sister Karen brought a whole crew of students from Towson who manned the merch table and did an excellent job selling cds, t-shirts, raffle tickets, etc.

9. Adam, Lyndsey, Corin, and Ryan made for an incredible band. It was a privilege playing with those guys.

Check out for our little thank you video. We appreciate you!


sleepless nights.

If you know me very well, you may know that I often have trouble sleeping. Some nights I lay awake in bed and can’t make my mind turn off. Not being able to sleep is a tough problem. It makes me cranky, irritable, frustrated, and if I’m not careful I start to pity myself and judge other people. It’s a strange thing…being proud of not being able to sleep. In college people often brag about how many hours of sleep they get, or don’t get. For example the night before a big exam someone might say, “Yeah, I only slept 4 hours,” to which another student might respond, “Dude, that’s nothing. I didn’t even go to bed.” It’s like people are proud of their suffering. I think that’s a dangerous place to be.
Anyway, I brought all of this sleep/suffering stuff up because last night I really couldn’t sleep. Why? BECAUSE TODAY IS THE CD RELEASE! I’m like a kid on Christmas. Last night I was running over and over in my head all of the details that have gone into planning the event, wondering if we’d forgotten anything. One good thing about not being able to sleep is that it gives me a lot of time to pray. I prayed a lot last night. I prayed that our hearts would be pure tonight, that we wouldn’t strive to sound good just to sound good but so that people can really connect and be affected by our music, and that the people who are supposed to come tonight would be there.
So if you’re coming tonight, I look forward to seeing you! We’re going to have a lot of fun. If you can’t come, keep us in your prayers. If you’re still interested in buying a CD there’s lots of info about how you can do that on the main website.


How the CD came together | Part B

I, Tyler, haven’t posted since thanksgiving because Jenny and I been getting ready for the CD release and man, there’s a lot to do. Today I am back; so let me try and explain some more “God things” related to this project. Let me start with our website,

I work at a Macintosh computer lab (the Maclab for short) and a lot of the time at the lab I am able to work on things not Mac-lab related. (I help people with software, hardware and printing, but people don’t always need help). At the Maclab, I work with a bunch of really cool people. I also work around the University of Delaware’s visual communications (VC) majors, who rock at designing. These VC majors had nothing to do with the creation of the “jenny and tyler music” website; however, my co-worker Corin Larraga, did. Corin, not only helped with the encoding, slicing and overall design of the website for little cost, he recorded drums for track 7 of the CD and he’s playing acoustic, electric, organ, synth, and singing background vocals at the CD release concert tomorrow. Corin amazes me because he’s so talented in so many ways yet so meek/humble. Sometimes just being around him is humbling.

Not so small points:

Contact ease. When I was calling schools and newspapers and radios for marketing purposes, I had very little trouble getting through to the right person. We have been played on WSTW’s hometown heroes for about a month now.

Artwork on the CD. Free. Matt and Emily Troutman (wait for troutmandesign[dot]com coming soon I hope) and my sister Bethany Somers.

Posters for the CD release show. I got old posters from Starbucks and printed on the back of them for free.

Starbucks my other part-time job. They are giving me 50 free drink coupons to hand out and two gift baskets because of our donation cause to a local family’s adoption fund.

Don Klumbach. A professional marketer has freely given me his time, stuff, and advice on what to do/say and who to contact.

Dave. Jenny’s dad. He makes professional mandolin’s for crying out loud. We used his mandolins on every song that has a mandolin on the CD. Also, he plays bass and let me borrow a sweet electric bass which we used on every track that has a bass on the CD. He also helped with the intonation of the ukulele.

Wilson Somers. Jazz piano genius and my dad. How often does an artist just starting out get a professional jazz artist to play on his album for free? Check my dad’s music out at

Lyndsay Wharton. Where did this girl come from? Well, from Texas if you want to get specific. She came to Delaware; we played a song together at a presentation for BSM at a church; and we’ve been playing together ever since. Her piano melodies are incredible. Listen to “You think” and “season.” I think that’s some of her best work. She just hears stuff and plays it. Amazing(in the colloquial sense of the word)! She’ll be playing the CD release concert tomorrow.

Grace Chou. Also amazing (also in the colloquial sense of the word) Laid down a very tasty piano part on “american dream.”

Adam Cooke. Plays drums, guitar, bass, and piano all really well. He and Corin (who does the same) should just move to Nashville and get picked up by some band ASAP. Adam recorded all the drum tracks to every song with drums except “american dream” and “plans for us” in a matter of 4 hours. Adam is also playing bass and singing background vocals at the CD release concert.

Ryan Crump. Also needs to move to Nashville. Not only is one of the best drummers I’ve ever heard and is playing at the CD release show, works for a credit card company. Now I’m able to ring people up on a credit card machine anywhere I go.

Tyler Ewing. We lived across the street from one another in Nashville. Too good at cello and piano. Recorded the tracks on plans for us and made it what it is.

We live in Newark, DE. Not Nashville, TN. How we know all these highly talented people is beyond me – God thing.

Matthew and Meredith. I wouldn’t have lived in Nashville if it weren’t for their hospitality. Meredith charged me nothing to live in her closet and Matthew charged me $100/mo to live in his house even though he wasn’t there half of the summer.

Curtis. Our new pastor who totally supports our music. He rocks. At 31, he’s wise, bright (just got a doctorate), culturally relevant, cross-centered and the same person on the pulpit and off (authentic).

I could say a lot more, but I’ve got a list of things to do today that I should get to doing.

Thanks and peace to you,