sleepless nights.

If you know me very well, you may know that I often have trouble sleeping. Some nights I lay awake in bed and can’t make my mind turn off. Not being able to sleep is a tough problem. It makes me cranky, irritable, frustrated, and if I’m not careful I start to pity myself and judge other people. It’s a strange thing…being proud of not being able to sleep. In college people often brag about how many hours of sleep they get, or don’t get. For example the night before a big exam someone might say, “Yeah, I only slept 4 hours,” to which another student might respond, “Dude, that’s nothing. I didn’t even go to bed.” It’s like people are proud of their suffering. I think that’s a dangerous place to be.
Anyway, I brought all of this sleep/suffering stuff up because last night I really couldn’t sleep. Why? BECAUSE TODAY IS THE CD RELEASE! I’m like a kid on Christmas. Last night I was running over and over in my head all of the details that have gone into planning the event, wondering if we’d forgotten anything. One good thing about not being able to sleep is that it gives me a lot of time to pray. I prayed a lot last night. I prayed that our hearts would be pure tonight, that we wouldn’t strive to sound good just to sound good but so that people can really connect and be affected by our music, and that the people who are supposed to come tonight would be there.
So if you’re coming tonight, I look forward to seeing you! We’re going to have a lot of fun. If you can’t come, keep us in your prayers. If you’re still interested in buying a CD there’s lots of info about how you can do that on the main website.



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