On Cloud 9

The show last night was incredible. Thank you so much for everyone who came out, and to those who couldn’t we really appreciate your prayers and support. I couldn’t have imagined a better CD release. If you weren’t there, here are some highlights:

1. Grace Chou & the Ugly Sweater Vest Band rocked. Seriously. When I figure out if Grace has any music posted on the internet I’ll put up a link. She was incredible.

2. Apprx. 400 people came. I was expecting like 20 college students to show up…and instead the church was packed with people of all ages! It’s so encouraging to have people come and enjoy the music and have the words speak to them. Tyler and I love playing. And it’s a blessing to know that other people can appreciate that.

3.The Deltones (www.deltones.com) did an excellent a’cappella chorus to Love’s Going to Last.

4. My grandma mailed cookies from FL for the cookie/punch reception (which was fantastic by the way…thanks to Dorothy, Ty’s mom, my mom, Erin, Lexi, Greg, Jessi)

5. My grandparents drove down from Jamestown, NY just for the concert.

6. Called Beauty was the best it’s ever sounded.

7. Our sound guys (Steve, Sam, & Brian) were amazing. They were there from 1pm-10:30pm tearing down and we didn’t pay them a dime. Thank you guys so much!

8. My sister Karen brought a whole crew of students from Towson who manned the merch table and did an excellent job selling cds, t-shirts, raffle tickets, etc.

9. Adam, Lyndsey, Corin, and Ryan made for an incredible band. It was a privilege playing with those guys.

Check out youtube.com/jennyandtylermusic for our little thank you video. We appreciate you!



2 responses

  1. Hey, you guys were great. Really! We’ve been listening to your CD in the car since Friday. Our kids like it too. My son Eli (5) keeps asking for track 2 over and over again. He likes the love’s going to last chorus. I like the piano on that track too.

    I lead worship over at Hockessin Baptist (HBC). I hear you lead worship at OBC, we’ll have to come when you’re leading.


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