it’s been a while…

Do you remember that song by Staind from about 5 or 6 years ago (the title being the same as that of this post)? Karen (that’s my sister) I know you do. It was a hit during band camp my sophomore year of high school. Yes, I was a band nerd in high school, and I’m quite proud of it. What an annoying song.

I am officially finished with college! My grades are up, I’m happy, and all of my assigned reading and writing has ended. What a relief. I took a nap after church on Sunday and was able to rest peacefully without the thought of unfinished papers clouding my mind. It feels good to be a college grad.

The past week I’ve spent my days working, finishing my Christmas shopping, and seeing friends before they leave to spend Christmas with their families. The CD is still selling, which we’re definitely happy about, and we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from people who attended the concert or are enjoying the cd now. Your words of encouragement are much appreciated!

Now I’m off to buy some ingredients for Christmas cookies/cinnamon rolls. This will be my first Christmas away from my family, and Tyler and my first Christmas together. It’s a bittersweet feeling. I’m excited to do some of the baking myself!

I’ll update more about the music soon. For now we’ll probably be playing a few open mics here and there. We’ll keep you posted.



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