florida and the grandparents

jenny’s done with school.  we’re on vacation for a short bit.  florida with jenny’ grandparent’s (now mine too).  it’s pretty outside.  beautiful.  i want to appreciate it.  savior it.  not take it for granted. 

right now they’re listening to a cooking channel.  i sit here typing.  just checked my email.  i’m going to go outside and enjoy the beauty of it.

may this trip be one of rejuvination and gratitude.  love and gratitude. 

i love jenny.  on “a prelude” there was going to be a song i wrote about meeting jenny and falling in love, similar to nashville i suppose, but the melody on the verses was not strong enough.  maybe you’ll hear that in future. 

now begins working hard with this music deal.  we’re going to play open mics, book gigs, and start recording the next album in february.  we’re thinking that newark de is the place for us right now.  we want to start playing baltimore, philly, annapolis, and other places in the next few months.  stay tuned.



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