ray lamontagne is the man.

if you haven’t heard anything by ray lamontagne, i highly suggest you check him out.

it’s thursday morning and i’m sitting here catching up on some reading (i know, i’m done with school–but you can’t kick a habit that easily), wishing that i didn’t have to go to work later. such is life. i know tyler posted a little from florida, but it seriously was an amazing vacation. i’m finding it hard to get focused, motivated, and “back into the swing of things” now that we’re home in newark. anyone have some anti-procrastination words of wisdom to pass along?

be on the look out for some new videos. we had some fun making movies about the wildlife in florida. i think you’ll get a kick out of it.

so i was reading in genesis this morning and the grace and divine providence of God really hit me. remember when jacob steals esau’s birthrite and his blessing? it’s a common story, and if you grew up in church you’ve probably heard it a few times. anyway, what struck me this morning is that jacob basically does everything wrong. he’s consistently dishonest, betrays his father, and his brother–and yet, the Lord blesses him in abundance. it’s amazing to see how God uses sinful people for his glory and can make excellent use of our mistakes. what an encouragement.

hopefully you’re still enjoying the music. we’ve booked quite a few dates in january/february, so be sure to check the tour part of the website.



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