Tour name ideas anyone?

Well, it’s just a few minutes shy of midnight here in lovely Newark, DE. Tyler should be arriving home from work within in the next half an hour or so and I really can’t wait. It’s been one of those days where our work schedules are completely opposite and we never manage to see each other. It’s felt that way for two weeks now. Don’t get me wrong, playing shows together, practicing, and writing together throughout the week is great, but sometimes I wish we had more time to just “be.” That could be your prayer for us if you’re the praying type.

In music news—we have confirmed 7 dates for our February Starbucks tour. We’ll be posting them on the site and the myspace shortly. Basically if you live in the Northern DE/Southern PA area we’ll be playing at a Starbucks near you sometime in February. I’d like to come up with a fun name for the tour (I know the term “tour” might sound a little too professional for a bunch of Starbucks shows, but seriously, I’ve never been able to say that I’ve been on anything even remotely close to a “tour” until now. Let me enjoy the moment.) and if you have any ideas, I’d certainly love to hear them.

I’m getting sleepy.



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