oh coffee…

Yesterday afternoon we received notice that our apartment complex would be performing maintenance on this new security system they’re installing (my mom will be pleased).  Anyway, the maintenance requires that they have access to our apartment to install this phone thing (it’s gonna be like the buzzer type thing in Seinfeld).  Just a few moments ago one of the maintenance crew members left my apartment.  I didn’t get his name, I should have.  Anyway the experience went something like this:

Loud knocking…”Maintenance!”

Me: “Oh hey, come on in.”

Him: “Just have to finish installing this phone.”

Me: “Okay, sure.”

I go back to my computer, he gets to work.

Awkward Silence.

Him: “So do you work at Starbucks or is it just Tyler?”

Me: “Oh, just Tyler.” (Tyler’s very friendly, it’s not unlikely that they’ve had a conversation.)

Him: “So what’s with the coffee song then?”

End scene.

Can I just say that there is something fantastic about one of the maintenance guys knowing the coffee song?  We proceeded to have a great conversation about music, Nashville, Third Day, etc.  Like I said, I can’t believe I didn’t get the guy’s name.

I’m feeling so encouraged by what God is doing here.  He’s been opening so many doors for us musically and the gigs have just been pouring in.  I feel like nearly everyday I get a call or an email or I run into someone who has a date in mind or the name of some guy they know that wants to talk to me.  I want to soak this in and truly be thankful for what God is doing, because I know it could all end in a second.


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