Chestertown Adventures…

Last night Tyler, our friend Paul, and I went to Chestertown, MD to play an open mic at this little place called Andy’s. Andy’s is a cute little bar that feels more like a coffee shop. The best part is that unlike most bars, the focus at Andy’s is actually the music. We had a great time playing and the people there really liked us. It was an encouraging time.

We took a wrong turn on the way there and stumbled across this:
Remind you of anything?
Remind you of anything?

The other musicians at the open mic were equally entertaining. A group of old-timers took me back to my bluegrass roots. The whole time I was thinking–if only I brought my mandolin! And I couldn’t help but wish my dad had been there to jam with them. Check out these guys:
Bluegrass Jam

On the way home we had to take a new route due to an unexpectedly closed bridge, we almost hit a deer, and had quite an interesting conversation on bodily functions that I wish I hadn’t been in the car to hear. Always a good time.


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