oh valentine’s

I suppose I’ve been on a brief posting hiatus, or I’ve just been too tired to think clearly enough to write much of anything useful.  Either way, I apologize for my lack of blogging enthusiasm as of late.

Today is a big day for many a couple in the United States (is Valentine’s Day a world-wide holiday?  I actually have no idea).  Many women awoke this morning gleefully hoping for and anticipating a romantic surprise.   I wonder how many couples will become engaged this evening?  (I’m pulling for my sister–don’t worry her boyfriend doesn’t read this blog, so no pressure there.)

I used to really love Valentine’s Day.  One year I wrote Tyler a poem and framed it.  The next I bought him roses (Tyler’s sentimental, it’s appropriate) and drew pretty hearts on new guitar picks.  When he told me to keep the roses at my apartment and even left the card I made him behind, I realized that Valentine’s Day probably didn’t mean much to him.  So this year, I surprised him with a Valentine’s Day of our own two weeks early.  He loved it!  I honestly think everyone should celebrate Valentine’s Day everyday…but if you want to do something out of the ordinary, don’t do it on the same day as everyone else.  It kinda ruins the moment when you know that half the nation is sharing it with you.

So this year, celebrate your own Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you’d prefer to do so this Saturday at 9pm at Deep Blue.  We’ll be playing!


check out this valentine’s day greeting: http://youtube.com/watch?v=81HmfmL1P5Q


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