Ode to Mom.

I was in a BSM staff meeting this afternoon when Tyler reminded me that today is a very important day:

It’s my mom’s birthday.

Mom, I’m sorry, when I called you and said “Happy Birthday” it wasn’t because I am an incredibly thoughtful daughter. (Should I really be admitting this?)  Alas, Tyler is the thoughtful one–kudos to Tyler for remembering his mother-in-law’s birthday.  I mean seriously, do most men remember that sort of thing?

I am blessed with an incredible mom.  When I was very young (think toddler here) my family was stationed at Yakota Air Base in Japan.  My mom was 25 or 26 when we moved there and she had three children all under the age of 4. My dad was a new pilot and flying all the time–sometimes for weeks at a time.  My poor mom lived in a foreign country with two toddlers and an infant, no family, and spent a good amount of time having to take care of us by herself. (Keep in mind, none of this was my dad’s fault–he is also an excellent father.)  Somehow, the Lord saved my mom from insanity, and she managed to keep the house, all three of us, and herself in one piece.  I still can’t figure out how she did that.

20 years later my parents are still together and my mom is still doing an excellent job at teaching me about life and growing up.  Obviously, some things have changed.  I’m married; I’m 22 instead of 2; I don’t live at home; etc.  But she’s still just as encouraging and caring as she was when I was little.  My mom doesn’t pick up my toys anymore or chase me around the house, but she does pick me up when I have an emotional break down and just need someone to talk to, and she and my dad still chase me (now with Tyler!) around from show to show in support of the music.

My mom is the kind of woman I hope to be one day.  She loves her family unconditionally, more often than not sacrificing her own wants or needs to meet our needs.  She is an inspiring teacher (Teacher of the Year in Anne Arundel County, MD 2007!) who strives to love each of her students, no matter how hard it might be to reach them or how much they misbehave in class.  She is a supportive wife, loving my dad in all circumstances, and always willing to follow his lead.  And she’s one of those Christians whose faith consumes her existence (If only we all lived that way).  Her love for Christ and desire to pursue him is present in every decision she makes.  I love that.

So mom, happy birthday to you.  I look forward to the next 20 years and beyond of being “mothered” by you.



One response

  1. Jenny,
    You made me cry for joy the day, make that the minute, you were born, and you still know how to cause water to well from my eyes today. Back then it was due to your first vocalization, shear music to my ears. Today you draw my tears with your written, or should I say typed, words. Either way it’s your speech that is powerful when it comes to my emotions.
    If I have ever done anything right, it is only by the grace of God. I thank Him every day for giving me the best presents ever in you, Karen, and Tom. I love you, Jen. I learn from you, Tyler, and all the kids in my life everyday, and I praise God for each of you and your soft hearts that continue to teach me what it means to pursue a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Love right back at you,

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