wstw, chirping birdies, and nashville

This Sunday we have a radio interview on WSTW here in Wilmington.  We’re going to be co-hosts for the Hometown Heroes show on Sunday night from 9-11p.  If you’re in the area, tune in.  If not, you can listen on  They record the show and have it up for a couple weeks afterwards as well. So if you’re like my parents and can’t stay up until 11p on a school night (sorry mom and dad), no worries, you can listen to it at your convenience Monday afternoon.

It’s been great waking up this week.  We’ve been sleeping with our windows open and in the morning the sun shines in the room and I can finally hear birds singing!  I think waking up to birds chirping is so much better than an alarm clock.  There’s a bird hanging outside my living room window right now.  He’s so cute.  I think I’ll name him Ray.  I think he’s making a nest because he keeps coming back and forth with twigs.  There’s two of them now.  His wife must be helping him.  I’ll call her Audrey.

Tyler and I will probably mention our plans for the future on the radio on Sunday (if asked that is) so I thought I’d take the time to make a couple things clear here so that no one feels blindsided if they tune in.

At the end of August/beginning of September, we’re planning on moving to Nashville, TN.  We’re taking steps to make this happen.  We’re not renewing the lease for the apartment we live in now, and in April we’re flying down to Nashville to hunt for apartments and try to make a Starbucks transfer happen.  We’ll be playing some shows in the DE area this summer and at the end of July we’re taking a trip to England to lead worship for a youth camp that my brother (he’s a youth pastor in Chorleywood outside of London) has invited us to.  Tyler will have the opportunity to teach some of the students to surf at the camp (It’s in Cornwall) and we’ll play music, and I think it’s really going to be an amazing experience.

So why are we going to Nashville?  When we say Nashville a lot of people automatically assume that we’re going there with the hopes of getting discovered and signed to a major record label.  While we aren’t necessarily opposed to that, we aren’t going to Nashville with that in mind.  We’ve discovered that Delaware isn’t very accepting of original music, in the sense that there really aren’t many venues in the area devoted to promoting orignal stuff or independent artists.  To really do well in this area, you have to be a cover band, jam band, or a bar band.  While we’ve played in some bars, our music is pretty organic and we don’t really fit that scene.  We’re hoping that we can go to Nashville, network with other independent artists, get better at what we do, and play in venues that are more receptive to our style.  Eventually we’d love to be able to do music full time, and tour with other artists, but that’s more a long term goal at this point. So that’s the plan for now.

I’m sad to leave Newark because honestly, coming from a military family, living in Newark throughout college is the longest I’ve ever stayed in one place.  At the same time, I’m ready for a change.

I suppose I should get to work.  I know I’ve mentioned the movie “Once” before, but seriously, if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and rent it this weekend.  My brother sent me a itunes gift card for my birthday and I purchased the soundtrack.  I’m listening to it now and am amazed all over again.



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