1st day in nashville

we arrived in nashville at about last night at about 11 central time, rented a car (i felt so grown up!) and made it to the mitchell’s apartment by about 11:30 or so.  i was tired, but kinda wired at the same time.  i didn’t sleep much last night, but apparently i slept pretty soundly at some point because there was an earthquake in illinois that was felt here in nashville around 4:30am.  i didn’t feel a thing…and i’m pretty glad.  i probably would have freaked out.

this morning we went to the pancake pantry and i had raspberry pancakes.  they really do make the best pancakes.  the pancake pantry is a nashville tradition, with long lines every morning–even week days.  my brother went to college here in nashville and was married at a church downtown so i’ve actually been to the pancake pantry numerous times, and every time i realize all over again that it really is worth the wait.  hands down the best pancakes ever.

after stuffing our faces we went to the store i worked for the summer that i lived in nashville.  one of the girls who i actually got to be pretty close with was working and it was awesome to see her again!  we had so many great afternoons of talking in the store and it was cool to see that she’s doing well and looks just the same.

we checked out probably 6 or 7 apartment complexes today and i only really liked 1. you really pay for the location in nashville, and i’m realizing that it’s really scary to look at apartments when you’re not really even sure where or if you’ll have a job when you move in.  tyler stopped in 4 starbucks today and handed in applications and talked with he managers about a transfer.  one of the stores offered him a job.  that’s encouraging, but it’s still really scary to think about really picking up and moving here.  at the same time, i think it feels really scary because staying in delaware would be so easy.  tyler has a job, i could find one, we could keep doing the music, and continue leading worship at obc…maybe even keep the internship going.  but i don’t know if it would really be satisfying in the sense that i’m not sure that it’s really what God has for us.  we have an itch to move and nashville keeps coming up.  i’m hoping that what we’re meant to do will become clear in the next few days.

all in all, we’ve had a great, but tiring day here in nashville.  the weather is absolutely beautiful.  the people are great.  it’s been fun.

tyler is in the living room with ryan and paul right now watching i am legend. i can’t do scary/intense movies so i’m hiding out in here for the rest of the night.  those movies become too real to me and i can’t sleep at night.  i know, it’s kinda pathetic.  i really can’t help it.

well, i’m pretty exhausted.  i’ll try to upload some photos tomorrow for you!



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