country music at its finest

Good morning from Nashville! We had another successful day yesterday checking out places to live, and we actually got to experience more of the city. I met up with a friend from highschool who I hadn’t seen in probably 2 years and that was awesome. We also went to this cool record store place called Grimeys. They were celebrating National Record Store Day with live music, food, and a big sale on cds and records. (You could get like 10 cds for $20). It was pretty cool and the music was great.

Last night we went for the cheesy Nashville experience and took our friend Paul down to Broadway (the main drag). Nashville is hilarious because there’s live country music in every bar and they put the bands up against the front windows of each bar so that you can hear them as you pass by. What makes it so funny is that like every ten feet you walk, you hear a different band. We went in to two places and heard some fun country cover bands. One band was a little more old school and was actually really good. There were so many people wearing cowboy hats and big belt buckles. The rest of Nashville isn’t really like that.

This morning we’re going to church with Ryan and Rebekah. I’m excited!

More to come.



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  1. Hey y’all. I caught you two at the Brew Haha on Main St. last Wednesday. I really enjoyed your music. I found it very uplifitng, relaxing, and just plain good. I hope y’all continue sharing your gifts and talents with others. God bless.

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