A posting hiatus? So it seems…

I know.  It’s been forever.  Kind of.  I’d been waiting to blog again until I’d finished a video I’m working on…but I haven’t finished, and my lapse into blogging nonexistence keeps growing larger…so I thought I’d go ahead and write.

Tyler had his wisdom teeth out last Friday.  He was a good sport.  We came home from the doctor’s and put on Forrest Gump.  Now, Tyler is slightly emotional, but I think the pain killers must have kicked in a little because he was bawling throughout most of the movie.  I mean heaving, sobbing, the works.  And after the movie was over, he couldn’t stop crying.  He looked at me, tears streaming down his face, and said, “I just love you.”  I really wish I’d gotten that on video.  So priceless.

Anyway, he’s doing much better now and today we have two shows here at the University of Delaware.  We’ll be a part of UD’s Resapalooza event on the North Green today from 4-5p.  I’m praying that it won’t rain.  And tonight we’ll be at Kent Dining Hall at 11p for the pancake breakfast. If you’re around, come check it out.

Tomorrow night we’ll be in Mullica Hill, NJ at A Cup of Grace Coffee House.  For directions to the show, check out our tour page.

We hope to see some of you!



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