too many boxes…

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks…

We move out of our apartment so soon!  Right now our place is a big mess of boxes and random piles of stuff…my mission today is to make the place at least somewhat livable until we officially move out on Saturday.

Moving chaos coupled with Tyler’s crazy work schedule has made the past few weeks feel especially short and not much fun.  The good thing is that our time as semester missionaries with BSM is basically over, which will free up Tuesday and Thursday evenings and some hours during the day too.  Summer is practically here!

We had some great shows this past week.  On Thursday we played at BSM’s Finals Fest here in Newark with some other musicians and that went really well.  The event as a whole was well attended and a good time.  On Friday we were in Dover opening for Joel Rakes’s cd release.  The show was awesome.  We played with a full band and sold a ton of cds, which is always a blessing.  Joel’s set rocked as well.  If you haven’t heard his stuff yet, check out his myspace:

I’m off to organize this seemingly hopeless apartment….



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