change is in the air….

My mom is coming to visit me today here in Newark…it may be her last visit here before we move to Nashville!  I’ve been excited about moving to Nashville for a while now, but lately the sadness that comes with leaving people and places you love has really been taking its toll.

I’ve moved many times in my life.  Someone asked me the other day how many times my family actually moved, and I came up with 9.  This time, moving to Nashville seems really different.  I think it’s because Tyler and I are moving on our own.  My parents, the moving experts will not be coming along.  It’s a good thing.  It’s definitely testing my ability to trust God in every circumstance.

The other day I drove past our old apartment, which is funny to say seeing as Tyler and I have only been married a year.  I love calling it the apartment we lived in “when we were first married.”  Hehe.  A bunch of old memories came rushing back.  A couple times last summer we camped out in our living room (the only room with a window air conditioner unit) to beat the heat, and walked over to BSM for “air conditioning breaks.”  It’s funny how things that seemed so uncomfortable at the time, bring back such great memories now.  I should really remember that for the future.

Anyway, we have a little less than 3 weeks before we leave for England and then we come back for 9 days before we move.  This Sunday will be our last week leading worship at OBC.  It’ll be bittersweet.



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