Humbling shows are good shows.

Last night was one of the funniest/most humlbing shows we’ve played in a while.

It went like this:

6:15p — we show up at Starbucks Glasgow.  There are 5 people there while we’re setting up and we get into a pretty lengthy conversation with 3 of them.

7:00p–we begin playing American Dream.  After the first verse all 3 of the people we’d been talking to get up and leave.

7:05– the other 2 people in the store leave.

We played to an empty store until 7:30.  It was pretty hilarious.  The folks working at Starbucks just hung out at the counter and listened, which made it a little better.  We used the time to practice playing some of our newer songs in “public.”

Something that struck as particularly funny throughout the whole 1/2 hour was that there were actually people hanging out outside Starbucks.  I think that something like 4 or so people were sitting outside in the heat (it was really hot out!) to avoid hearing us inside.

Finally at 7:30 a woman and her little boy came in and listened and 4 teenagers came in and were really fun to play for.  We ended early at 8:15 because our little audience had to go.

All in all, quite a humbling experience, especially in comparison to last weeks Ocean City show.

If you’re in the Newark area tonight come out to Borders!  We’re playing with our buddy Rod Kim.  Hope to see you there!



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