Beautiful mornings…

It’s morning time, which means it’s time a for a good cup of coffee and a little pondering, which usually takes the form of reading or writing for me.

One of the perks of staying with the in-laws is that they have a beautiful view from their backyard.  Their yard overlooks a field of rolling hills surrounded by lush trees.  A gigantic tree sits in the middle of the yard with a little swing hanging from it, and when the light shines through the leaves in the morning or in the evening the colors are perfect–yellows, golds, light greens, blues.  It’s really amazing.  We didn’t have this view from our little apartment.

Speaking of apartments, I’m really excited because we have one in Nashville!  We’ll be leaving here on August 21st to make the big trek down there.  Oh, and our apartment is half of a duplex so we have a big porch and I guess we share this really big back yard.  (Oh, and it’s just a short bike ride/longer walk away from Portland Brew East, my favorite coffee shop).  Maybe I’ll get to spend mornings writing on my back deck down in Nashville!

Well, I should probably start getting prepared for this weekend.  It’s going to be nonstop, but a lot of fun.  Hopefully we won’t fall over completely exhausted at the end.  Tonight we’ll be down in Rehoboth hanging out at the Underground and then playing at Arena’s.  We’ll get back here by about 3:30am so that we can both go to work tomorrow morning, and then we get to play at White Clay Creek!

Hope to see some of you there!



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