today is another day…

It’s a gorgeous day here in Delaware.  The heat wave we’ve had going on for the past week seems to have subsided with the crazy storms we had last night and it’s actually really bearable to be outside.  I’m sitting here in Starbucks picking up Panera’s wifi.  I actually drove here with my windows down.  Gorgeous!

Today is officially my last day at my job here ad I’m pretty thrilled.  I’m ready for something new.  And more immediately, I’m really excited about England!  We’ve been preparing for camp that we’re doing worship for and planning out what kind of things we want to see/do while we’re there.  More than anything I’m really looking forward to seeing my brother and sister-in-law.  My brother and I have always had a special bond, and Joanna really is the big sister I never had.  It’s great.

In other news, we played an awesome show at a teen camp in the mountains on this past Tuesday.  We drove up to camp just north of Gibson, PA, played an hour show for a bunch of teens, had some great conversations, and stayed the night.  After the show we signed so many CDs for the kids—something that I’m not really used to doing.  It felt kinda surreal to have people wanting my signature on their CD.  We stayed in a guest room at the camp that night.  Just before going to bed Tyler and I looked at each other and had one of those, “Is our life really this cool?” moments.  It’s fun having so many adventures and being in multiple states each week.  (not that it’s hard to make your way into different states around here–hence the “tristate area”.  It was a blessing to be able to play the camp and we had a great time.

We will have one final show in the area in August.  More details to come.

Enjoy the lovely day.



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