we’re in england!

hello from beautiful england!  we’re sitting in my brother’s house right now trying to get over this jetlag.  yesterday we could hardly stay awake–my brother and sister-in-law kept us busy until 8pm and wouldn’t let us fall asleep–but tonight, we’re wide awake.  we’ve been warned not to stay up too much later.  we’ll see how that goes.

today we went into london and visited the british library.  seriously, it’s one of the coolest places ever.  the library houses original manuscripts from authors like jane austen, the bronte sisters, and shakespeare.  and it has the codex sinaticus, the oldest complete compilation of the new testament.  looking at the books was really amazing.  after that we went to westminster abbey and wandered around the little church that stands next to it.  we ate some lunch that we packed outside the abbey, it was seriously a beautiful day.  after that we wandered around covent garden, had some starbucks, and road the train home.  we were tired this afternoon.  jet lag is really kinda hard to get over.

tonight we grilled out with my brother and sister-in-law.  the weather is seriously perfect here.  it stays light out really late, and it’s not too hot, but not cold at all.  everything is really green.  tomorrow we’re going to a really old church that’s built around some roman ruins.  seriously, this is old stuff!  i’m really excited!

well, that’s all from here in england for now.  we’ll post pictures soon.



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