home from england, saying our goodbyes.

The two weeks we spent in England were phenomenal.  Seriously. I want to post pictures but they’re all on Tyler’s computer, so I’ll have to wait until I can get my hands on it to do that.

Sightseeing highlights:

The British Library in London–seriously, that stuff was really amazing.

Westminster Abbey in London

St. Albans–an abbey built from Roman ruins

Stonehenge–we drove right past it on our way to Cornwall.

Windsor–the Queen’s castle.

The Minack Theatre in Land’s End–a theatre carved into the cliffs. Amazing view

The beach in Cornwall–the cliffs/terrain/ocean = stunningly beautiful

While we loved seeing my brother, eating great food, and being in a new country, the best part of the trip really was the week long “holiday” we went on with my brother’s youth group.  We led worship for the week and were adult leaders on the trip.  The youth were really amazing.  It was so cool to see the change in them from the beginning of the week to the end, and the other leaders on the trip were really passionate and encouraging too.  We left the holiday feeling like we’d made a bunch of new best friends; we were sad to go.

Now we’re back in Newark, saying our goodbyes before we leave for Nashville next Friday.  That’s one week from today! I can’t believe the move has really come up on us so quickly.

Hopefully I’ll post pictures from the trip soon.



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