we’re in Nashville…for keeps this time.

Right now I’m sitting in Fido, a great coffee shop that happens to be just a few doors down from my work.  Tyler and I are hanging out for an hour or so before I have to go in.  He has off today and is taking care of some business in this area.

It’s strange that we’ve been in Nashville for about a week.  It feels shorter and longer all at the same time.  Probably because it’s been so jam-packed full of crazyness.  I thought I’d try to summarize a little of what’s happened since we’ve been here–but it’s so much that I’ll probably leave a few things out, so bear with me.

We made it to Nashville from Bowie, MD (where my parents live) in about 14 hours.  We stopped to eat lunch for about a half an hour, but other than a few stops for gas we pretty much kept to the road the whole time.  Tyler drove a big uhaul truck and towed his old car behind it, and I followed in our other car.  The ride was a little scary at some points, but overall we had a really smooth, low key drive.  We left super early in the morning (3:45 eastern) so we were actually in Nashville by 5pm central time.

On Saturday a couple of friends helped us move in and we saw our apartment for the first time.  It’s a really awesome place in a great part of town, so you should definitely come visit us!  After living in such a tiny place we feel like we have so much room!  We have one room that’s entirely filled with our instruments and recording stuff and Tyler built a really nice rack for his instruments.

We went with our neighbors to church on Sunday (we live in a duplex, so they literally live like, in the same house as us).  They’re a young married couple, musicians…kinda our type of people. 🙂  They also took us to their young marrieds small group on Monday night.  It seems like it’s pretty easy to meet people out here, and our neighbors have been really welcoming.

One of the coolest, most providential things about the move—on Sunday we found a washer and dryer on Craigslist for $80.  We still had our uhaul so we went and picked them up and Tyler installed them that afternoon.  (He’s turning into a handy man!)  It’s such a blessing to get appliances like that so inexpensively. Especially when I was expecting to pay $700 for a washer and dryer set at a minimum.

We both like our jobs so far.  We work on the same street, not really within walking distance from each other, but the same street nonetheless. We’ve been working on the music in the evenings and we’ve got a new song and tweaked some others.  Now we need to start playing open mics and recording the next album!

Thanks so much to those of you who are praying for us.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to adjust to life in Nashville!


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