There are people in my elbow who don’t believe in people in my brain, because it’s so far away”

Welcome to the first ever, co-authored, “live” jenny and tyler blog.  It actually won’t be live, because we aren’t picking up the best internet signal, but know that it was meant to be a play by play of the first open mic we’re experiencing here in Nashville.
Right now we’re sitting in the back of Cafe Coco, a pretty cool cafe/bar near West End here in Nashville. We actually played a show here when we were living in the area two years ago; Tyler just ran into a girl named Lola who we met when we played.  I guess the same people come out week after week to play this open mic.  The place hasn’t changed much—aside from the new restaurant smoking ban here in Nashville, which we’re enjoying very much.
Right now we’re listening to a girl named Leslie something or other.  She’s not saying her name enough for me to remember it, so that’s probably no good.  She’s playing a full show here before the open mic.  Note to self, booking a show here just prior to the open mic would be a great idea—open mic sign ups start at 8, so you have a guaranteed audience for at least an hour of your show.

This lady kinda has Melissa Ethridge/Reba McIntire style going on, which is interesting.  She’s playing lots of originals with a few covers thrown in there.  Her choice of cover songs is kinda odd.  She played a Patty Griffin song that suited her voice really well, and then she played Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something, and Realize by Colbie Caillat.  Hearing those songs with a twang is quite an unusual experience.
more when the open mic commences.

Quick update leslie __________ played an awesome original and followed it up with a “funky” version of “leavin’ on a jest plane.”  I guess it was funky.
open mic update:
a girl covered a lauryn hill song
a dude played harmonica really well
this lady told a lot of politically incorrect jokes.
a guy used this lyric in a song: “there are people in my elbow who don’t believe in people in my brain, because it’s so far away.”  yeah.

a guy is playing a “ghost song” right now and is doing lots of ghost “oooooo’s” throughout.  ty’s taking a video so maybe we’ll post it.  check it out…

a really cute girl played a great love song.
we regret not staying for this guy chris gelbuda.


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