It’s starting to feel a little more like fall in Nashville.  Fall is absolutely my favorite season.  From the changing leaves to the apple cider, it’s a season so rich in color, tastes, and textures, you can’t help but love it.  I was beginning to think that it would never come here, and maybe it isn’t here to stay, but I’m enjoying a little taste of it anyway.

It’s been a busy but exciting week for us.  Being played on the radio, booking some shows, and sending out a ton of free EPs was really awesome.  You can still get your free EP if you haven’t yet–just join the mailing list.  I promise it isn’t hard and we won’t bother you with emails everyday or anything.

I was really excited about going to a show last night—Jessie Baylin and Matt Nathanson, two amazing singer-songwriters—but it was sold out!  I guess it’s proof that more people are discovering the awesomeness that is Jessie Baylin.  If you haven’t heard her, you should really check her out.  She just released an album and it’s really solid.  So there’s my plug for some good music.

We have some shows coming up next month in Nashville…so if you’re in the area we’d love to meet you!  Check out the tour page for details.


What a week!

I guess it’s only Wednesday, but it feels like we’ve had a full week here all ready.  Probably because today was actually my day off after working a full work week.

I had one of those “I can’t believe this is happening moments” at work on Monday, but it was a good moment.  I heard “Love’s Going to Last” (our song) on the radio while I was working.  I almost freaked out.  I tried to remain really calm and not let on to anyone in the store that it was my band on the radio!  We had a little air play in DE but it was always at random times and I never actually heard any of it, so it was a brand new experience to hear one of our songs on the radio—and at work!  So exciting!

We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on the EP and we really appreciate everyone joining the mailing list and spreading the word about our music.  We’re planning a little tour in January–we’ll keep you posted on dates and locations.

Tyler and I are going to relax with a movie—Office Space.  Such a classic, and neither one of us has seen it in a while.

Have a lovely evening.


FREE EP, Lightning 100, and some fun shows!

Tonight is a good night to blog.  Why you ask?  Because I actually have a lot of cool stuff to share with you guys!

First of all, we released our acoustic EP yesterday.  It’s FREE and you can get your hands on it (sort of, it’s a digital EP) by joining our mailing list.  Just go to and click on the link to join.  It’s easy, and it means free music for you!

Secondly, we just received word that next week we are going to be featured on Lightning 100’s (an independent radio station in Nashville) local artist spotlight.  This means that once a day everyday next week “Love’s Gonna Last” will be played on the radio!  For those of you not in the Nashville area, you can listen online at  The song will be played at either 2:40pm or 8:40pm depending on the day.  Tune in if you’re free!

We returned to Nashville Thursday after playing a couple shows in Northern DE and visiting family.  It was great to be in familiar territory!  Our shows went well–it was so good to see so many familiar faces at Deep Blue and to have so many people stick around for most of that show.  On Wednesday we played at UD’s Mitchell Hall, opening for Charlie Hall.  What an incredible experience.  We felt so welcomed and appreciated by Charlie and his band and really enjoyed getting to know them a little.  Plus, their sound engineer was absolutely incredible and made us sound awesome.  Seeing so many of you after the show was really encouraging!  We were sad to leave Thursday morning, but Nashville is beginning to feel more and more like home everyday.

I think that’s about all I’ve got.  Don’t forget to join the mailing list!


FREE Acoustic EP

So I’m not sure why I haven’t blogged about this yet, but I want to let you know that Tyler and I are releasing a free acoustic EP to everyone on our mailing list.  The EP will have acoustic versions of a few songs off of “A Prelude” and a couple new songs for your enjoyment.  We’ve been making the finishing touches to a couple of the songs over the past couple days, and we’ll be releasing it digitally on Oct. 10th.

Basically this means that if you’re on our mailing list you’ll be receiving a link to the EP on Oct. 10th.  If you’re not on the mailing list, all you have to do is join and you can get the link too!  Just go to  and in the bottom right corner you’ll see a little link that says “join the mailing list.”  Click on that, fill out some information, and you’re set!

Well, today is our day off so we’re going to explore East Nashville!  Have a lovely afternoon.