FREE EP, Lightning 100, and some fun shows!

Tonight is a good night to blog.  Why you ask?  Because I actually have a lot of cool stuff to share with you guys!

First of all, we released our acoustic EP yesterday.  It’s FREE and you can get your hands on it (sort of, it’s a digital EP) by joining our mailing list.  Just go to and click on the link to join.  It’s easy, and it means free music for you!

Secondly, we just received word that next week we are going to be featured on Lightning 100’s (an independent radio station in Nashville) local artist spotlight.  This means that once a day everyday next week “Love’s Gonna Last” will be played on the radio!  For those of you not in the Nashville area, you can listen online at  The song will be played at either 2:40pm or 8:40pm depending on the day.  Tune in if you’re free!

We returned to Nashville Thursday after playing a couple shows in Northern DE and visiting family.  It was great to be in familiar territory!  Our shows went well–it was so good to see so many familiar faces at Deep Blue and to have so many people stick around for most of that show.  On Wednesday we played at UD’s Mitchell Hall, opening for Charlie Hall.  What an incredible experience.  We felt so welcomed and appreciated by Charlie and his band and really enjoyed getting to know them a little.  Plus, their sound engineer was absolutely incredible and made us sound awesome.  Seeing so many of you after the show was really encouraging!  We were sad to leave Thursday morning, but Nashville is beginning to feel more and more like home everyday.

I think that’s about all I’ve got.  Don’t forget to join the mailing list!



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