What a week!

I guess it’s only Wednesday, but it feels like we’ve had a full week here all ready.  Probably because today was actually my day off after working a full work week.

I had one of those “I can’t believe this is happening moments” at work on Monday, but it was a good moment.  I heard “Love’s Going to Last” (our song) on the radio while I was working.  I almost freaked out.  I tried to remain really calm and not let on to anyone in the store that it was my band on the radio!  We had a little air play in DE but it was always at random times and I never actually heard any of it, so it was a brand new experience to hear one of our songs on the radio—and at work!  So exciting!

We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on the EP and we really appreciate everyone joining the mailing list and spreading the word about our music.  We’re planning a little tour in January–we’ll keep you posted on dates and locations.

Tyler and I are going to relax with a movie—Office Space.  Such a classic, and neither one of us has seen it in a while.

Have a lovely evening.



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