It’s starting to feel a little more like fall in Nashville.  Fall is absolutely my favorite season.  From the changing leaves to the apple cider, it’s a season so rich in color, tastes, and textures, you can’t help but love it.  I was beginning to think that it would never come here, and maybe it isn’t here to stay, but I’m enjoying a little taste of it anyway.

It’s been a busy but exciting week for us.  Being played on the radio, booking some shows, and sending out a ton of free EPs was really awesome.  You can still get your free EP if you haven’t yet–just join the mailing list.  I promise it isn’t hard and we won’t bother you with emails everyday or anything.

I was really excited about going to a show last night—Jessie Baylin and Matt Nathanson, two amazing singer-songwriters—but it was sold out!  I guess it’s proof that more people are discovering the awesomeness that is Jessie Baylin.  If you haven’t heard her, you should really check her out.  She just released an album and it’s really solid.  So there’s my plug for some good music.

We have some shows coming up next month in Nashville…so if you’re in the area we’d love to meet you!  Check out the tour page for details.



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