getting paid to play in nashville?

i know, it sounds too good to be true…and technically…it is.

we played a short set at a place called The Family Wash here in east nashville this evening. the short set/writer’s night is hosted every week by an artist name cole silvka.  we really enjoyed her set, and they pass around a tip jar while she plays to compensate her for pulling all of the acts together every week.  after her set, the tip jar goes away, but at the end of our little set, somebody had left two dollars where the tip jar used to be!  so, we figure, we’ve officially been paid to play in nashville—even if it’s only $2! and hey, $2 actually buys a whole gallon of gas right now.  crazy.

at this point, we’re not playing another show in nashville until january, but we are taking the time to work on our songs and get some new stuff recorded.  in the next few weeks we’ll be meeting with some songwriters who we really admire, so we’ll see if we get some good new songs/make some of our new songs better!  that’s one of the great things about living in nashville.  there are so many creative people who live around the corner and they’re willing to get together and help each other out.  it’s a cool little artist community.

oh–for those of you living in nashville–the other day tyler and i stopped in at ugly mugs (in e. nashville) and had the best almond latte of our lives, no joke!  check the place out if you have a chance.



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  1. Congrats! Haha! That’s exciting. I hope the next month goes well for you two. Once you’re on the road again you should consider coming to Texas! Also, if you’re looking for artists to play with or something like that, there’s a guy up in Nashville named David Ramirez. I don’t know if you know him, but his music is amazing and I think y’all would be able to do some great things together. Happy fall!

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