Yesterday was a snow day here in Nashville…though I’m not quite sure why.  Yes, there was snow, but only a light dusting and I basically everything melted away by about 9am or so.  Still, it was nice to see the ground blanketed in white when I woke up yesterday.  

So 2009.  I know we’re already a month in. It’s kind of crazy to me that it really is 2009.  I remember going to a big New Year’s party for 2000 and my best friend’s dad being nervous that Y2K would happen while we were out and that we wouldn’t be able to get home.  It’s funny looking back at that whole Y2K thing.  And odd that it was 9 years ago.

Anyway, I think 2009 will be a good year. We’ve been planning a pretty extensive tour, and it’s actually coming together.  Check the tour page to see if we’re coming near you.  We would love to see you guys at shows.  We’re also going to release our new album this spring–we’re still working on a title.  We’ve discovered that we’re really terribly at naming things….I wonder if that will stay true when it comes to naming our kids?  Yeah…I don’t really want to think about kids.

Anyway, I’m off to work, but I hope this Thursday morning finds you well and hopefully warm.  


Ugly Mugs on Thursday

Just a quick note to let those of you in the Nashville area know that we will be playing a show this Thursday at Ugly Mugs in East Nashville.  Not only do I suggest  you come to hear some great music, (our buddy Paul Zimmerman-Clayton will be playing as well), but come for some great coffee as well.  Ugly Mugs has the best espresso in town…seriously.

Hope to see you there!


Words cannot describe…

how amazing last night was!  So I keep telling myself, “Jenny, you need to blog.” and I think, okay, I will…and then I can’t think of anything that seems interesting to write about so I put it off…well, let me tell you, I know have something to blog about.

Last night we opened for Mac Powell and Tai Anderson of Third Day.  They were doing an acoustic set at a high school in Wilmington, DE (sort of our hometown) and we were invited out to open.  When I was in high school I followed Third Day really closely.  I had all of their albums, knew all of their songs by heart, I even had an autographed poster of the band hanging framed on my wall.  I was a serious fan.  I remember thinking that Mac Powell had the best voice I’d ever heard.  When I was 16 I went to a concert in Biloxi with my family.  When the band came on stage my sister and I ran to the front of the auditorium and stood right in front of the stage for the entire concert.  It was an incredible experience–one I’ll never forget.  I told my dad when I was in high school that if I ever did music as a career I would absolutely want to sing a duet with Mac Powell.  In my mind he’s just the best male vocalist out there.  Seriously.

So last night we’re backstage hanging out, talking with Mac and Tai.  They were so down to earth and took us so seriously as musicians.  I told them that I was a big fan of Third Day and Mac said, “So do you know God of Wonders?”  I was like, of course.  And he said, “So could I call you up on stage to sing it with us?”  I just about died.  So towards the end of their set they called us back up to sing.  It was completely surreal…and amazing!  My sister said I looked completely shocked and in awe—I was trying so hard to look normal!  Tyler sang the second verse and I sang all of the girl parts and Mac and Tai sang and played….it was just a really incredible experience.  Afterwards we talked to Mac and Tai for a while and just felt really blessed and encouraged by the whole night.  To those of you who came–we are so thankful!  What an incredible evening!

Tonight we’re playing at a winery in New Jersey, and tomorrow we head back to Nashville.  Stay tuned for tour dates in April and May!