tour tour tour

Our first national tour starts one week from today.
We have no booking. No management. No publicity. It’s just us and our red ford taurus and the road.
Are we crazy?
We’re quitting our jobs in the midst of an economic crisis (although I really must admit that Tyler and I as a family have not really been impacted by this crisis), leaving our apartment in the hands of Tyler’s lovely sister, and praying that these next two months of touring work out.
I couldn’t be more excited, and nervous, and afraid. All at once.
I ask one thing of you:
COME TO THE SHOWS! 🙂 Seriously, please come. We do expect to play at least one show to the sound guy (heck, we’ve done it before), but we would really love to play to you!
So yeah. The road will be lonely without you guys coming out.


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