oh change….

Okay, so I know I’ve said it before…but I cannot recommend Foy Vance enough. I bought his full length album “Hope” this morning…and I’ve been listening to it over and over. I could listen to “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness” like 50 times and not have it get annoying. What a crazy good song.

I had the hardest time falling asleep last night. I went to bed so exhausted but as soon as the lights went out my mind started racing. I have a love/hate relationship with “change.” One of my roommates in college hated change with a passion and was always plagued by the fact that life inevitably moves forward and you have to adjust to keep up. Change excites me, thrills me even, but it also has a tendency to wreck me. Sometimes I lay back and truly think about what’s happening in my life and freak out at the fact that I’m really not in control of what is happening. I don’t believe that we create our own destiny. I think we play a role (I’m not sure how big, but surely it’s important) in what happens to us as we make decisions, etc. But ultimately I believe that what is meant to be will be. Sometimes I feel trapped by the idea, but in reality, it’s a pretty liberating concept.

The more I think about the whole “change” thing, the more I wonder if I really would be happy with things being stable, even, routine. I’m not sure that I would.

Anyway, I’m just feeling thoughtful. Thought I’d share.


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