A video for you…

So we like Taylor Swift…okay? We admit it. Don’t judge.

Florida sunshine.

I’m sitting at my grandma’s computer in Southwest FL. It’s beautiful outside. I’m going to the pool in a bit (I hope!) to soak up some of this sun. My grandma’s computer sounds like it’s about to take off or something…

We drove 9 1/2 ish hours yesterday. I realized this week that Tyler saw several states for the first time—Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. I guess if you don’t have family in the deep south and you’re from the northeast you don’t make it down this way very much. It’s been hot, but beautiful.

We’ve had some crazy thins happen with our car—first, all the way back in Vermont, two little clips around the gas filter broke. I went to turn on the car and all of the gas fell out of the bottom. That was pretty crazy. The family we were staying with was very helpful in getting us to a place to have it fixed and we were on the road again within an hour and a half—I was stunned. I thought it was be a much more involved repair. In Pittsburgh we ran over a screw and had to have our tire patched—so thankful it was just a patch and that we didn’t need to buy a whole new tire. In Texas we had to have the computer reprogrammed in our car. I knew that cars had computers in them—but I’d never heard of someone having theirs reprogrammed? Anyway, we were staying with my parents so we were able to leave the car in the shop for a couple days and not need it.

In Mississippi, Tyler went to tighten a lug nut and the whole thing, including the post snapped off. It was Sunday in the South—nothing was open. We happened to drive past an auto parts store that was. Tyler thought maybe he could fix it on his own. We bought the part and Tyler started taking stuff off the wheel–soon we realized that we really didn’t know what we were doing. This guy Manuel who was working at the shop came out and started to help. After the brakes had come off the wheel he said he had to go—I looked at Tyler in panic. We both knew that if he left we would not be able to get all of the parts back on the car correctly. At this point we were set to arrive at Ole Miss 30 minutes prior to showtime–we were cutting it pretty close! Manuel decided to stay and help us put the car back together—praise the Lord! Seriously. So that was fixed. We gave Manuel some CDs. That was all he wanted.

Since then–no car troubles! Praying it stays that way.

Hopefully we’ll be posting some pictures and videos soon–sorry we’ve been slackers!

the incredible hulk in mississippi

I’m sitting in an old friend’s apartment in Oxford, MS watching “The Incredible Hulk.”  I was really half watching up until this point, but now we’re at the what I am assuming to be ending of the movie where the hulk is trying to kill this crazy lizard type thing.  I’m hoping he wins because if not, I think everyone on this roof top is in for something terrible.  If you’ve seen the movie, I guess you’ll probably know what I mean. 

I’m really not into these super-hero movies.  But Tyler loves them, so we’re watching one for his sake tonight.  I usually get my way with romantic comedies anyway.  

Our time in Mississippi has been interesting–in a good way.  In so many ways I’m reminded of my time living down here in Ocean Springs.  We made a little visit to the old hometown.  Drove past my high school, old house, and I even got to have a tato-nut.  Tat0-nuts are the finest doughnuts ever made.  They made them from potato flour–hence the tato-nut name. When I was in high school a group of friends would meet every Thursday morning for breakfast before school.  So yummy.  

Anyway being in the land of the bayous brings back so many memories.  The hulk has won as I predicted.  I am off to bed.  Headed for Auburn, AL tomorrow.  



Texas has been good to us thus far!

One of my favorite things about the tour has been the opportunity to see how different the U.S. looks and feels geographically. I know, I know, the differences are kind of obvious, but experiencing the different regions of the country in such a short time frame is really quite amazing. For example, the drive through the Adirondacks in NY was beautiful, but it’s hard to believe that those mountains are part of the same country as the open landscape here in Texas. Again, maybe I’m stating the obvious, but it’s just too cool not to mention.

Texas has been good. The weather here is incredible. It’s hard to believe that a week and a half ago we were hanging out in literally freezing weather in Western NY.

On Sunday we played a show at a church in Allen, TX. The best part of the show was seeing a family that used to live in Wilmington, DE when we did! The world is so small. It never ceases to amaze me.

Speaking of the world being small—last night we played a show in Keller, TX and met a girl who said she had a friend who lived in Nashville. Her friend turned out to be Levi Weaver….our NEIGHBOR! Seriously, we live in a duplex, and Levi and his wife live on the other side of the house. What are the odds?

Tonight we’re playing at White Rock Coffee in Dallas with our friends Deawvall. If you’re in the area come out! Show starts @8pm.


Here I sit in a lovely coffee shop—Sidewinder Coffee—in Cincinnati, the site of tonight’s show.  I”m pretty excited.  The coffee shop is super cute and they have music regularly, so hopefully people will come out to hear some tunes tonight.  We’re driving home to Nashville afterwards (which I admittedly am looking forward to).  With the time change I think we’ll be all right.  It’ll be nice to kind of repack and reorganize tomorrow before heading out again on Saturday. 

We went to a great park this afternoon near the university here.  The weather is great today.  Seriously.  The past two days were rainy and cold and then the days before that were just cold, so to have a nice “Spring” day is awesome.  It’s still funny to me that weather can affect my mood in such a strong way. 

So hopefully we’ll post some videos/pictures again soon! Until then…have a lovely evening, and if you’re in Cincinnati, come out tonight! The show starts at 8pm!


some important things i haven’t mentioned…

Our new CD is officially out.  You can buy it through our website or on itunes.  It’s pretty sweet if I do say so myself. 

We’re touring and it’s awesome.  This also means that we may be coming to a city near you.  Check out the dates: http://www.jennyandtylermusic.com/tour

We uploaded a video finally.  I know I’d been saying we would for like a week…so here it is.


We’re in the Boston area tonight.  It’s COLD!!!  It was snowing a little on our way here.  We passed through NYC around 12:30 or 1pm (it all runs together).  We crossed over the Geo Washington Bridge and suddenly, for no apparent reason the trunk of our car flew open.  If you’ve seen us since we’ve been on tour, you know that this can’t be a good thing.  Our car is packed out.  We don’t have a tour bus, or even a tour van, it’s a Ford Taurus.  So with all of our equipment and merch and stuff…it’s a pretty tight squeeze.  So suddenly the trunk is wide open and we’re in the middle of like 4 lanes of crazy traffic and there’s no shoulder and yelling at Tyler to take an exit, any exit, so that we can get the trunk closed.  Finally we were able to pull off and in the nick of time too—a mic stand almost fell out.  Thankfully we didn’t lose anything and or cause a ridiculous accident or something. Crisis averted. At least for now. 

Going to relax a little before the show tonight.  If you’re in the Boston area come out!  We’re at 315 Boston Ave, MedfordN MA.  It’s a house show/benefit concert–all are welcome.

Cramping toes.

All things considered, the Sunday night show in DE went exceptionally well. Sound was lovely, turn-out was outstanding, Levi Weaver was genius, and my sister and her buddy Zac manned the merch table courageously.

Tyler set up a nice little playlist on the ipod for the moment prior to, during intermission, and after the show. I was a little nervous when I heard “Rocky Raccoon” blaring through the speakers of the church, but no one seemed to notice.

Only one thing went wrong. And it’s not even really wrong, it was just unexpected.

Halfway through the first song of our main set my toes on my right foot started cramping up. I’m totally one of those people (if we can be considered a category of special people) who gets random and frequent cramps in my toes, but it’s never actually happened during a performance before. I kept singing, all the while trying to stifle the screams of pain I felt churning in my chest. At the end of the song I felt some relief, but ending up walking in a little circle on the stage, apologizing to the audience (they were gracious and forgiving) and taking off my boots for the rest of the performance.

I thought I’d beaten the cramps, but alas, I was mistaken. During the last song of the night my left toes started cramping up! What the heck?! We’re singing Plans for Us (a pretty serious song) and I’m again unable to truly concentrate because my toes are crossing in unnatural ways.

Anyway, my toes have been fine ever since. And I suppose having toe cramps is better than feeling like you might vomit on stage (sorry levi, I didn’t know the Wendy’s was bad).

Today is another day. And hopefully the cramps won’t attack me at World Cafe Live tonight.

Yay for fun shows.

I apologize for not updating this blog sooner.

So we’ve officially been touring for a week and so far, it’s been great! We played a fun show in Lynchburg on Friday night. It was great to see some of you guy and meet you for the first time! We drove through the night to DE and played a vineyard on Saturday, had our CD release in DE on Sunday, and played a house show in Towson, MD last night. All in all, it was great. Our neighbor Levi opened for the show in DE and he was phenomenal. Really and truly. It was nice to see so many familiar faces too!

We have a video all ready to go for you guys, but it’s on Tyler’s computer which isn’t available to me at the moment…so you’ll just have to wait until this evening.

Tonight we’re in Philadelphia at the World Cafe Live. Our friend Joel Rakes will be sharing the bill with us. The show starts at 8pm.