Cramping toes.

All things considered, the Sunday night show in DE went exceptionally well. Sound was lovely, turn-out was outstanding, Levi Weaver was genius, and my sister and her buddy Zac manned the merch table courageously.

Tyler set up a nice little playlist on the ipod for the moment prior to, during intermission, and after the show. I was a little nervous when I heard “Rocky Raccoon” blaring through the speakers of the church, but no one seemed to notice.

Only one thing went wrong. And it’s not even really wrong, it was just unexpected.

Halfway through the first song of our main set my toes on my right foot started cramping up. I’m totally one of those people (if we can be considered a category of special people) who gets random and frequent cramps in my toes, but it’s never actually happened during a performance before. I kept singing, all the while trying to stifle the screams of pain I felt churning in my chest. At the end of the song I felt some relief, but ending up walking in a little circle on the stage, apologizing to the audience (they were gracious and forgiving) and taking off my boots for the rest of the performance.

I thought I’d beaten the cramps, but alas, I was mistaken. During the last song of the night my left toes started cramping up! What the heck?! We’re singing Plans for Us (a pretty serious song) and I’m again unable to truly concentrate because my toes are crossing in unnatural ways.

Anyway, my toes have been fine ever since. And I suppose having toe cramps is better than feeling like you might vomit on stage (sorry levi, I didn’t know the Wendy’s was bad).

Today is another day. And hopefully the cramps won’t attack me at World Cafe Live tonight.

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