some important things i haven’t mentioned…

Our new CD is officially out.  You can buy it through our website or on itunes.  It’s pretty sweet if I do say so myself. 

We’re touring and it’s awesome.  This also means that we may be coming to a city near you.  Check out the dates:

We uploaded a video finally.  I know I’d been saying we would for like a week…so here it is.


We’re in the Boston area tonight.  It’s COLD!!!  It was snowing a little on our way here.  We passed through NYC around 12:30 or 1pm (it all runs together).  We crossed over the Geo Washington Bridge and suddenly, for no apparent reason the trunk of our car flew open.  If you’ve seen us since we’ve been on tour, you know that this can’t be a good thing.  Our car is packed out.  We don’t have a tour bus, or even a tour van, it’s a Ford Taurus.  So with all of our equipment and merch and stuff…it’s a pretty tight squeeze.  So suddenly the trunk is wide open and we’re in the middle of like 4 lanes of crazy traffic and there’s no shoulder and yelling at Tyler to take an exit, any exit, so that we can get the trunk closed.  Finally we were able to pull off and in the nick of time too—a mic stand almost fell out.  Thankfully we didn’t lose anything and or cause a ridiculous accident or something. Crisis averted. At least for now. 

Going to relax a little before the show tonight.  If you’re in the Boston area come out!  We’re at 315 Boston Ave, MedfordN MA.  It’s a house show/benefit concert–all are welcome.

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