Here I sit in a lovely coffee shop—Sidewinder Coffee—in Cincinnati, the site of tonight’s show.  I”m pretty excited.  The coffee shop is super cute and they have music regularly, so hopefully people will come out to hear some tunes tonight.  We’re driving home to Nashville afterwards (which I admittedly am looking forward to).  With the time change I think we’ll be all right.  It’ll be nice to kind of repack and reorganize tomorrow before heading out again on Saturday. 

We went to a great park this afternoon near the university here.  The weather is great today.  Seriously.  The past two days were rainy and cold and then the days before that were just cold, so to have a nice “Spring” day is awesome.  It’s still funny to me that weather can affect my mood in such a strong way. 

So hopefully we’ll post some videos/pictures again soon! Until then…have a lovely evening, and if you’re in Cincinnati, come out tonight! The show starts at 8pm!


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  1. Hey Jenny! I really wanted to go to the concert, but we went to a convention instead. it was fun, but i would have rather gone and heard you and tyler!


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