Texas has been good to us thus far!

One of my favorite things about the tour has been the opportunity to see how different the U.S. looks and feels geographically. I know, I know, the differences are kind of obvious, but experiencing the different regions of the country in such a short time frame is really quite amazing. For example, the drive through the Adirondacks in NY was beautiful, but it’s hard to believe that those mountains are part of the same country as the open landscape here in Texas. Again, maybe I’m stating the obvious, but it’s just too cool not to mention.

Texas has been good. The weather here is incredible. It’s hard to believe that a week and a half ago we were hanging out in literally freezing weather in Western NY.

On Sunday we played a show at a church in Allen, TX. The best part of the show was seeing a family that used to live in Wilmington, DE when we did! The world is so small. It never ceases to amaze me.

Speaking of the world being small—last night we played a show in Keller, TX and met a girl who said she had a friend who lived in Nashville. Her friend turned out to be Levi Weaver….our NEIGHBOR! Seriously, we live in a duplex, and Levi and his wife live on the other side of the house. What are the odds?

Tonight we’re playing at White Rock Coffee in Dallas with our friends Deawvall. If you’re in the area come out! Show starts @8pm.


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