Florida sunshine.

I’m sitting at my grandma’s computer in Southwest FL. It’s beautiful outside. I’m going to the pool in a bit (I hope!) to soak up some of this sun. My grandma’s computer sounds like it’s about to take off or something…

We drove 9 1/2 ish hours yesterday. I realized this week that Tyler saw several states for the first time—Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. I guess if you don’t have family in the deep south and you’re from the northeast you don’t make it down this way very much. It’s been hot, but beautiful.

We’ve had some crazy thins happen with our car—first, all the way back in Vermont, two little clips around the gas filter broke. I went to turn on the car and all of the gas fell out of the bottom. That was pretty crazy. The family we were staying with was very helpful in getting us to a place to have it fixed and we were on the road again within an hour and a half—I was stunned. I thought it was be a much more involved repair. In Pittsburgh we ran over a screw and had to have our tire patched—so thankful it was just a patch and that we didn’t need to buy a whole new tire. In Texas we had to have the computer reprogrammed in our car. I knew that cars had computers in them—but I’d never heard of someone having theirs reprogrammed? Anyway, we were staying with my parents so we were able to leave the car in the shop for a couple days and not need it.

In Mississippi, Tyler went to tighten a lug nut and the whole thing, including the post snapped off. It was Sunday in the South—nothing was open. We happened to drive past an auto parts store that was. Tyler thought maybe he could fix it on his own. We bought the part and Tyler started taking stuff off the wheel–soon we realized that we really didn’t know what we were doing. This guy Manuel who was working at the shop came out and started to help. After the brakes had come off the wheel he said he had to go—I looked at Tyler in panic. We both knew that if he left we would not be able to get all of the parts back on the car correctly. At this point we were set to arrive at Ole Miss 30 minutes prior to showtime–we were cutting it pretty close! Manuel decided to stay and help us put the car back together—praise the Lord! Seriously. So that was fixed. We gave Manuel some CDs. That was all he wanted.

Since then–no car troubles! Praying it stays that way.

Hopefully we’ll be posting some pictures and videos soon–sorry we’ve been slackers!

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