Back in Nashville…


It feels good to be here.  We’ve spent the past couple days regrouping, visiting with friends, appreciating the comfort of our own bed, COOKING!!! I know that may seem a bit strange, wouldn’t it be wonderful to not have to cook for two months?  Not so I’m afraid.  I like my kitchen.  And I really like eating.

We had a great time touring.  We enjoyed meeting so many of you!  And we hope to see you again I might add.  We’re allready gearing up for the fall.  If you would like to host a house show, let us know!  Contact us at: to book or help us book.

Highlights of the tour—

We played for audiences of all ages.  From first graders to 80 year olds and everything in between.  It was, shall we say, interesting? But so fun!

Tyler was able to see a bald eagle while we were in South Carolina. I, sadly, missed it.

A friend of mine commented on all of the “free food tweets” I posted.  What can I say, I like food, especially when it’s free.

Receiving a stuffed cat with a patch over it’s eye in Lynchburg.

Seeing snow covered mountains in Vermont and having our toes in the sand in Florida just weeks apart.

Windy Gap!!!

I could go on and on.  But I won’t.  But seriously, good times all around.  Thanks so much for coming out and supporting us!

-jenny (&tyler)


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