yay for camps.

oh my oh my oh my.

we’ve had a crazy week guys. crazy in a so-much-good-has-happened-you’re-exhausted-from-smiling-and-singing kind of week. we spent the past few days at a youth camp in jamestown, tn. jamestown is in the middle of no where and we didn’t have internet access for the duration of our stay—so sorry if you were trying to reach us and we didn’t respond. we’re just now getting caught up on emails and things like that.

camp was great. we heard some amazing stories from some missionaries in papua new guinea. i hope i spelled that correctly? and we got to work with some amazing students. we ran a songwriting workshop with some kids and they actually wrote a song! i was thrilled to see them being creative like that. and they were really pleased with the outcome. so we spent the week eating junk food, singing all day, leading worship, getting to know teenagers, and getting very little sleep. all in all, an awesome 5 days. so so so good.

now we’re in greenwood, sc for my cousins wedding. we’re currently having a little song learning cram session for the wedding reception tomorrow. that’s what happens when you plan on learning songs the week before and without anticipating a lack of internet access. you live and you learn i suppose.

anyway, just wanted to check in. we’re still alive. 🙂


3 responses

  1. that sounds like so much fun! what was the camp called?

    I just bought This is a Dream on iTunes. I absolutely love it!!! Great work! 🙂


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