Happy 4th! (and other lovely things.)

It’s been too too long.

We spent a week or so in Nashville after traveling to camps and weddings in June.  it was nice to be home for a little while, even if it was short lived.  We’ve been writing lots and I’m excited to have some new songs for you guys at shows this fall.

Speaking of shows, you may have noticed that we have a pretty aggressive tour schedule planned for the fall.  If we want the schedule to actually work, we need your help.  You’ll notice on our tour page that most of the shows are TBA, meaning that they aren’t officially booked.  If you’d like to help us with some of those, we’d love it.  We don’t have a booking agent, or management or anything like that–we really do all of this ourselves, and with your help!  So if you know of a venue in your city or you’d like to host a house show (a concert in your living room) then shoot us an email at jt@jennyandtylermusic.com  We check that email regularly so we will read it and get back to you.   I don’t know about you, but I’m getting super excited about the fall.

Hmm…what else to tell?  We have ringtones for sale now.  You can find them in our store.

We’ve been exposed to some great music lately—Eisley–I think that’s how you spell that–being one. My sister also had me listening to Good Old War out by the pool the other day.  We’re in Dallas with my family for the 4th of July and we’ve been soaking up the sun in my parent’s pool (that’s what happens when you move out—your parents get an amazing pool.), eating lots of chocolate ice cream, and hanging out with Stewart (the one-eyed cat.).  All in all, a good time.

Well, have a happy Fourth of July. I think I’m going to have a piece of raspberry pie!



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