Good morning!

It’s a nice morning in Nashville. In a humid way I guess.  Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s better for it to be a bit cooler and humid or just hot.  Oh well.  The heat doesn’t stop me from filling up on my favorite coffee drink, which is what I’m doing right now in Fido.  I had a little extra time so I ordered a milkbone (vanilla & honey latte) and it didn’t take 30 minutes for the baristas to make it.  I’m quite pleased.

So we’ve been home for 2 weeks and it’s been amazing.  Well, practically 2 weeks.  Who’s counting right? We’ve been writing, booking, working, exploring (we went to a Biblical archaeology museum. It was rather odd to be honest.), and getting coffee with sweet friends. I like being home.

I’m trying to truly live in each day and not get up in planning for the next couple months or years.  I don’t want to “check out” of the life I’m living now. Today.  I’m finding it pretty difficult actually. I guess it’s mostly due to the nature of touring and playing music.  People are always asking us what’s next.  It’s my hope that I will be content with what’s now.

All the same, I am looking forward to seeing some of you in a few weeks.  If you haven’t received facebook invitations or mailing list updates, let me tell you what’s going on.  We’re headed out on a little week long tour before we make our way to the beach for vacation and then over to the UK.  So here are some important dates:

July 28th, Jammin Java, Vienna, VA.  Show starts at 7:30p.  Tickets are $10.

July 29th, White Clay Creek State Park, Newark, DE; 5:30pm, free.

July 30th, World Cafe Live (Upstairs), Philadelphia, PA. 8:00pm. Tickets are $10.

Aug. 1st, Auburn Road Vineyards, Pilesgrove, NJ. 6pm, free.

Aug. 2nd, 30th St. Pavilion, Avalon, NJ. Noon, free.

I think we’re going to have some fun.

I leave you with a video.  These are some guys from my a’cappella group at the University of Delaware.  This may mean nothing to you, but if you’ve seen a Mighty Wind, you’ll understand.


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