new shoes.

I just have to post this—

so you may have noticed that tyler wears crocs….all the time.  and they’re ugly.  and gross.  and i hate them.

he needs new shoes.

so last night joel rakes told us about these cool shoes called sanuk shoes (i think that’s how you spell them.) so we looked online and almost bought a pair and thought, we’re going to the beach, we’ll see how much they are there.

now we’re sitting in starbucks and a guy we know walks in wearing the shoes.  tyler was like, hey are those sanuk’s? (or whatever they’re called.)  he’s like, yeah, they are, they’re awesome.  tyler mentions that he almost bought some today and the guy says that he gets 40% off at a surf shop that carries them and he’ll pick up a pair for him tonight.  and he adds, “it’s my gift to you.”

i love this. i love how God continues to provide for us even in the small things.  it’s amazing.


3 responses

  1. The Donnys are the ones I added to cart earlier that day (til I canceled the order because the shipping wasn’t free) and then received that night (without even telling my friend what style I wanted!). His wife picked out the exact ones I added to cart!

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