Oh Avalon…

So we’re at the beach!  Or should I say the shore?  I think that’s the proper New Jersey terminology.  Tyler and I were married in Avalon two years ago, so it’s always nice to come back and soak up the memories.  And the sun!

We played on the boardwalk yesterday for about an hour and half until it started storming.  And what a storm it was!  Thankfully everyone watching our performance was quick to pitch in and help us pack all of our equipment in the rain.  Thanks to everyone who helped.  We would have really been in trouble if you hadn’t!

A really adorable family came out to our set on the boardwalk.  They had three beautiful little kids and they seemed to really enjoy the music. During a break I got talking with the mom and she told me when her little girl (who was less than a year old) was in the womb she used to sing “Muse” to her, and that after she was born she continued to sing her to sleep with the song.  She said, “I love your song and this baby is my muse.”  I thought it was the sweetest thing.  You never know how people will respond to your songs or what impact they’ll have in a person’s life—I thought her story was really encouraging.  It’s nice to know that people appreciate our art.

So a rainy day at the beach calls for an afternoon nap and that’s exactly what we did—napped all afternoon!  It was amazing.  We’ve been running hard for a week now so after we’d taken care of some administrative business, we crashed hard.  It was a beautiful thing. We woke up at 6:00pm or so, helped Tyler’s mom prepare some dinner, took the dog for a walk (and got some ice cream!) and then watched this great movie “Amazing Grace” before going back to bed.  If you haven’t seen “Amazing Grace” I really do recommend it.  It was powerful, and not in a cheesy way.

We slept until 11am.  Seems like we needed to catch up (not that that’s really possible).  It’s beautiful today and I’m excited to get out on the beach!

We’ll keep you posted on our UK trip and the rest of our time here in Avalon.  Have a lovely day!



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