ENGLAND (well some of it)

So we made it across the pond to London!  Well, Chorleywood to be exact.  My brother and sister-in-law live in a lovely little village here.  It’s really quite beautiful.  

It was an adventure getting here!  We were supposed to leave Philly at 1:55p and make a stop at JFK to catch a 6:25 flight to Heathrow.  (There are direct flights to Heathrow from Philly, but it was actually cheaper to have the connection.)  So there was a lot of bad weather in NYC on Wednesday.  Bad enough that they actually shut down both Laguardia and JFK for a few hours.  No flights in or out.  Completely closed.  So our 1:55 flight didn’t take off until about 6:00 which caused us to miss our connection.  The flight from Philly was labeled a ‘connector’ flight, meaning that basically everyone on it had some sort of connection to catch (quite a few international connections) and consequently most everyone on the flight missed their connection.  Thankfully, there was another flight leaving for Heathrow at 8:45 from JFK and there was space for us on it!  It was an insane day at the JFK airport.  So many flights had been delayed or canceled all together that the line for rebooking was ridiculously long.  Somehow we figured out that we had already been rebooked and that we had to take a shuttle to a new terminal.  After a lot of running around we made it to our gate, got new boarding passes, and found some water.  The flight over to Heathrow was really easy.  Food was pretty good, Tyler got to watch the new X-Men movie (for which I am grateful, because I hate watching those movies) and I got to lay across a whole row of seats (3) to try and get some sleep.  It didn’t really happen but it was much more comfortable then being squished up next to Tyler.  Although he is cuddly.  

Now we’re just hanging out.  My brother had to get an X-ray on his ankle today (possible stress fracture), Tyler is sleeping, and I’m hanging out with Sophie (their cat.)  All in all a good day.  Oh and I played Mario Kart for the first time.  I know.  Kinda lame that it’s the first time.  I found out that I’m terrible at it (I blame my lack of hand-eye coordination) but it’s still pretty fun. 

I leave you with proof that we actually work.  Someone sent this video to me.  It’s from the World Cafe Live show.  Enjoy.


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